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How Helping 1000 Founders Could Change the World

  /  How Helping 1000 Founders Could Change the World

The world is evolving every day. There is always an invention, new technology, new systems, and new software available, but who is at the forefront of implementing these changes and can existing businesses incorporate the new modules? Entrepreneurs are at the forefront of implementing change, entrepreneurship is all about changing the world! One Startup Studio wants to give entrepreneurs the tools and mentorship they need to build the business that will change lives. If we can help 1000 founders, we are helping them discover their talent and giving them the platform to introduce life-changing technology, systems, products, and services. The purpose of a founder is to solve a problem: in helping 1000 founders start-up their business, that is 1000 solutions to problems in the world! It means job creation (especially if employees are hired), innovation has been driven and motivated to spark further innovations, and more people will be empowered to develop their skills and abilities. Empowering 1000 founders means that 1000 key members of society have been invested in, those members will all reach out to the lives of others in their own way, and just maybe they will offer inspiration to others. Could one of those founders hold the knowledge to a life-changing medical development that saves thousands of lives? We are here to create the right environment and platform for the next generation of undiscovered founders, for the next generation of changes that will impact the world the right way!

-Jamie Petersen Chief Strategy Officer

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